Brioche style doughnuts, rich in flavour & light in texture

be right bake

Freshly Made Brioche & Vegan Doughnuts, Bro-nuts and Protein Rice Crispie Bars

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Be Right Bake is an urban bakery born in April 2017 out of David's home kitchen in Croydon. On a small scale at first, things started to grow after David took some doughnuts to his mate's barbecue where people went wild for them. Soon after, he began to get Instagram messages from people asking where they could buy his doughnuts.

Be Right Bake is unique in that it is the doughnut company bringing you a light & fluffy brioche texture along with a rich & delicious flavour. Available in a mouth-watering selection of flavours, the real showstopper of a BRB doughnut is the infamous syringe fillings. Choose your doughnut, choose your syringe and get injecting!

Be Right Bake also offers vegan doughnuts, bro-nuts and protein rice krispie treats. Order today!

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All treats are made on the day of delivery to guarantee a fresh taste